making Performances at the intersection of games and theater

Immersive games and performances | interactive theater


Our process is iterative; we hold public playtests, or performances about 4 times a year. If you like Immersive Theater, Live Action Role Play, Game Design, or Experimental Interactive Theater - don't miss a chance to hear about our next performance! 

Upcoming Shows

Space Command Pathogen @ Caveat

Saturday April 18th, 4pm

Build and Destroy @ GenCon


The Secret of Priori Island
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The Adventure Society
In Transit
Trials of the First City
The Legend of Serpent Maw Keep
Designing for Interactive Theater
Who Cursed this Friggen' Barn
Under the Hood
Secrets of Priori Island Development

The Adventure Society is a multi disciplinary group of artists led by Dalton Roger Gray & David Monteagudo based in New York City. 

The Adventure Society LLC
112-26 71st Rd.
Flushing, NY 11375