Workshops and Facilitation

The workshops share some of the practices behind my work. Additionally, I consult as a facilitator or can help you find the right facilitator for your event or playtest. 

What if performance was a whole lot more like a video game?

Game-Like Theater

The Immersive Industry, Experiential Marketing, Escape Rooms, VR Arcade, Meow Wolf, Boda Borg - Audiences are demanding experiences that place them at the center of the story. As a creator, designer or facilitator - designing experiences that invite audiences into the spotlight invites significant challenges.

In this workshop, participants will experience first-hand the production, design, facilitation best practices we use to empower audiences.​

Participants will...

  • Explore game design as a tool for deeper presence & immersion

  • Get hands-on in a facilitation workshop 

  • Leave with a game or two they can share with their creative community. 

Presented at:

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Playtest as Rehearsal

As theater artists challenge traditional forms of theater, the game design process can be harnessed as a tool to better understand our audiences.

Immersive, interactive, site specific - challenging traditional forms of theater presents myriad opportunities and challenges. This workshop presentation equips theater artists with the game design process as a lens to process these challenges.


Participants will understand...

  • The Iterative Design Process, why it's used in game design, and it's application in a theatrical context.

  • Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and how innovative theatrical forms require thoughtful design to ensure physical and psychological safety. 

  • The PENS model of engagement, and what it tells us about what audiences are looking for in innovative theatrical practices, and why. 

During the course of this workshop, participants will...

  • Move through the steps of the iterative design process to design and playtest a live game experience.

  • Apply the framework to an immersive theatrical context. 

Presented at:

  • Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts, MFA/BFA

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\The Games for Change Student Challenge is the leading national game design program that combines students’ passion for games with digital learning and civic engagement. These game jams are a great way for students to learn the game design process, and get started on a game for the challenge!