The Secret of Priori Island

An Immersive, Game-Like Performance

An ominous, monster-filled jungle looms over a small tropical village. When a child goes missing, the only people brave, or stupid, enough to find them are the crowdsourced members of the Adventure Society. 

In this performance there are two ways to play. Register early to participate as one of four players, or enjoy the performance from the audience. Players will dodge poison darts, disarm traps, and fight monsters on a quest to rescue a missing girl. Audience members will laugh their butts off.

Lead Game Design, Writing & Facilitation: Dalton Gray; Directed by: David Monteagudo, Performed by: Juan Arturo, Dalton Gray; Puppetry by Rosie Lilly; Prop and Costume Design by: David Mortellito; Additional Collaborators: Avery Whitted, Adam Hardin, Aaron Keith, Sharang Biswas, Melissa and Eric Chung. Poster Design by David Mortellito.

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  • Nominated for: Most Surprising

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Hear what the players had to say!