The Adventure Society

A live action, game-like performance.

Born from an exploration of game mechanics and live performance, the Adventure Society is a universe of live experiences that blend game mechanics, theatrical convention, and interactive fiction to foster all-out, joyful play. This world blends tropes from landmark action-adventure universes such as Indiana Jones, Legend of Zelda, and Jurassic Park. Players are placed at the center of the action through masterful live facilitation that makes players feel safe, empowered and lets them step fully into the role of 'hero.' 

A love song to Legend of Zelda and the films of Stephen Spielberg & George Lucas, the Adventure Society was inspired by a desire to recreate the moments I'd enjoyed so much from these franchises. What emerged was a game that was part LARP, part performance, and a heck of a lot of fun. It has since evolved into a number of different experiences including: a parlor LARP, an arcade-style bar game, an open world adventure game, and a full length theatrical performance.

I am very grateful and privileged to have worked with truly amazing people over the course of it's development. Key collaborators include: David Monteagudo, Shannon Judd, Juan Arturo, Avery Whitted, Jack Doyle, Jessica Stroh, Aaron Keeth, Eugenia Furneaux, Jordan Kaleh, Jacqui Dugal, Eric Chung, Ben Peltz, Mark Sperrazza, and Toya Dubin.

Project History

This project has been in development since 2015, and is still in development. I use an iterative design process so check out the projects below for more info on past iterations. 

Presented at:

  • Babycastles Art Gallery

  • The Pan-Am Games, Toronto

  • Kickstarter HQ

  • The BarnArts Collective

  • Cloud City

  • Come Out and Play NYC '15, '16

  • Come Out and Play SF '16

  • Indiecade East

  • Asheville Fringe Arts Festival

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